My name is David Cabrera and I’m the Author and programmer of MWAddon. Here you can read a bit about me.

I started MWAddon as a personal script in 2010, later i make it public for Greasemoney at UserScript in November of the same year with the hope that it could be useful for more people. I also make it works in Chrome browsers.

My surprise was seen how many people started to use it, they gave me feedback and new ideas to add. From there i started to add more tools and functionalities, making it a big help for Mafia Wars.

I’ve never created any JavaScript code or program before MWAddon, so i read a lot of guides and helps i found around internet, trying to know how to make MWAddon more powerful and more stable.

I still learning, not only JavaScript but also PHP, MySQL, html, jQuery, Facebook API, etc, etc. There is a lot of things to learn, i cant know all, but i am very satisfied with everything i’ve learned and created.

About my personal life, i had a strong sick in 2012 that did not allowed me to spent all the time i would like with this project, but I’m fine now and hope my health let me continue for a long time.
I normally spend my time with MWAddon at night because its free noise time, and when i get more free time. Some days i do not sleep a lot, but well, I’m a programming addict…

I hope you can enjoy MWAddon, it has my love and fondness on every single word i wrote on it.