By donating you help with the MWAddon development.
And if you are logged in, you also will get nice features for MWAddon that will help you to enjoy playing Mafia Wars.

To know what features you get with MWAddon Professional, go here.

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In order to donate, you first need to be logged in. But Facebook has made some changes making impossible to login from this webpage.
You can login by two different ways:

Login method #1:

Click to open the Client menu in your browser, then click on "Login" menu button.
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Login method #2:

Click the "Login" button you can find in game.
In-Game: Login 2
Once logged in, you will see your Picture and you name at the top of this webpage and so, you will receive MWAddon Professional with your donation.
If you still want to donate WITHOUT getting MWAddon Professional, you can use the button below and set any quantity.

Thank you very much!