Mwaddon is a script that help players in playing the game mafia wars By Zynga ®

Allow pop ups in your browser

If your a chrome user, you need to accept the security pop up when you open a MW tab . 

(1) Give all permissions, going to main configuration and click "All permissions".

If that doesn't resolve the issue:

(2) Can you see your Mafia Wars feeds from THIS LINK
YES: Reload the game and make sure you're connected with Facebook.

(3) NO: Have you blocked Mafia Wars Posts?
Go to your news feeds page, on the highlighted menu at your left side (News Feeds button), if you over the mouse, will appear a pencil.
Click it and click on Edit configuration. Here you'll see all your hidden apps. Remove Mafia Wars.
Did it resolve the issue?

(4) NO: You've a known facebook issue.
Go to HERE and Report as follow:

  • [O] I don't see activity from other people, pages or applications in my News Feed.
  • [O] Desktop/laptop.
  • Description: Here you must say that you can't see news feeds from games, like Mafia Wars.
  • ScreenShot:  You should take a screen of your browser when loading THIS PAGE.

Go to "%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault" (without quotes) and remove the "File System" folder.
In order to get the Beta version you must meet the following requisites:
  1. Like the addon page.
  2. Be in the beta group.
  3. Give all required permissions.
No it will not slow down your daily browsing it is only active when you load the game.
No .. The supported browsers are Firefox and all firefox clones ie.. Comodo dragon Palemoon Chromium browsers and clones ie .. cool novo icedragon rockmelt (rockmelt is not advised).. There are 2 so called trippel engine browsers that can use the addon but it needs a little hack.
you find the arrow on the left.
Yes that is Normal.
It is a zynga > Facebook problem go to http://www.mafiawars.com
make sure the use the facebook user interface is checked
and always click the shield if you get that shield.
Facebook and zynga's connection is messed up it is a zynga facebook problem not addon problem try it again later.
Os Supperted Windows , linux , mac osx or any os that supports firefox and or chrome based browsers
That is a captcha to prevent bots from posting it is the number you type in next to the number displayed to post :)