Family Inspector

The First Load

When you open Family Inspector at first time it saves your current family’s stats.
Click Settings and set here the time you want Family Inspector to auto-update.
Set the minimal statistics a member should have reached in the given time.
Click Accept to save changes and close Family Inspector.


Your Family Activity

When you open Family Inspector, if the time you set to wait for an auto-update is reached, it will update all your family statistics, it will show the activity of your family in the time slot you set it.
You can force an update if you like by clicking “Update” button.



The Search box is located at top right corner of the UI, you can enter here any thing you want to search for.
Your family will be filtered by this search.



Click a column header to sort your family, click  twice to make it ascending or descending.


Facebook Friendlist

Click Friendlist button to create a Facebook Friendlist containing your family.
The list’s name will be “MWAddon – Family” and can be used by other MWAddon tools, like Home Feed Center.


Family Leader Actions

If you’re a Leader, or have permissions, there will appear the buttons for the actions you can do.
Available actions are Promote, Demote and Kick.
Be careful, it have the same effect in your Family as the Roster page buttons.


Profile Links

Every of your Family Members has a link to their profiles for either Facebook and Mafia Wars.
You can click the icons located into the Name cell of the table.