Group Manager

The better way to keep your groups cleaned.

Group Manager allow users to remove their own posts, and for Admins, it will allow to remove any posts from any user.

Click on Group Manager located in the Facebook Tools dropdown menu, it will open the Group Selection, select the group you want to manage and click “OK”


Now, set up the time frame that Group Manager should scan, the more time frame the more it will last scanning.


Once Group Manager have been loaded all the posts found in your time frame, you can filter the posts to show with the “Show” selection to give  a fast look of all posts.
If you are going to remove some type of posts, you can select it in the “Remove” selector.


The available options to Remove are:

  • My MW Posts
  • My Posts
  • All MW Posts (Admin Only)
  • All Posts (Admin Only, extreme caution here, it will clear all the group)
  • Invalid Accounts (Admin Only)