Mafia Inspector

The First Load

When you open Mafia Inspector at first time it may take several minutes to load all your mafia.
It all depends on how long your mafia is, so be patient and let it load your mafia.
Once all your mafia is loaded, Mafia Inspector will save it and will open in some seconds from now and up.

The Tags

Playing: Players that were increasing their stats up to the last update.
Blocked: unfriend and those that blocked the game or you are tagged with this.
Inactive: Those that not meet your minimal stats requirements are tagged with this.
Active: Those that are not tagged with one previous tags,, are Active.


The Search box is located at top right corner of the UI, you can enter here any type of text. The most common uses are to find members with a specific tag.
Type Blocked for example to see only those of your mafia with the Blocked status.


Click a column header to sort your mafia, click  twice to make it ascending or descending.
You can sort after a search (filtering).


Read this article from Mafia Wars Wiki to know the best suitable members for your Top Mafia.
For example a Wheelman needs a Fearless class, type Fearless in the search box to filter your mafia by this class.
Click the Promotion button located to the right of the member you want to promote.
Click the button for the Top Mafia Slot where the player will be.


Click Select button and choose one of the given options to select your mafia.

Facebook Friendlist

Click Friendlist button to create a Facebook friendlist with the players you’ve selected.
Type a name for the new Friendlist (make sure the friendlist doesn’t exists).
The list you create here can be used by other MWAddon tools, like Home Feed Center.


Click the settings button to open the settings dialog.
Configure the minimal stats requirements to set a player as Active or Inactive.
The given options are Level, Fights, Robberies, and Jobs.


Click the update button to update all your mafia statistics.
You must update it regulary if you want to track your mafia Activity.
It’s recommended to update your mafia with a minimal of  24/48 hours.
Take in consideration that a lot of your friends may not play for some time, but they may get back. Ask them before removing from your mafia.

Profile Links

Every of your Mafia Members has a link to their profiles for either Facebook and Mafia Wars.
You can click the icons located into the Name cell of the table.