Wall Manager

The better way to remove your old posts from your wall.

  • Link to posts in title.
  • Date Selector with Month and Year.
  • Action Selector for global actions used in all posts.
  • Action Selector for each individual post. 

The Date Selector will allow you to search the oldest posts that you can still have in your wall.
Select the Month and the Year where you want to search for and click “Refresh” to proceed.


The Global action is the one selected in the top one selector, this selector contains the options:
“Highlight All”, “Remove All” and “Ignore All”.



Each of the individual posts contains an own selector that overrides the global one:
“Automatic”, “No Action”, “Remove” and “Highlight”.
By default all individual posts are set for “Automatic”.
Automatic means that the action selected in the Global Selector will be used for them.
Any of the other 3 options (“No Action”, “Remove” and “Highlight”) will take always preference over the global selector.