To activate MWAddon Professional, you have to donate at this page.
Once you have donated (or joined a promotion), MWAddon Professional will be activated for your account automatically.
Go to this page to know if MWAddon Professional is activated and the time left until it expires.


MWAddon Professional allows you to install MWAddon Beta version which contains all most recent updates and fixes.
To install MWAddon Beta, you have to select the version with (b) mark from the dropdown list at the user status page.
Remember this will only set your account to use Beta when the client asks the server for updates or an installation, so you have to force an update check in MWAddon Client Extension.
To force an update check, open the MWAddon Client Menu (located in your browser toolbar) and then click the button just below your name (the one that contains current MWAddon version).


Open Mafia Wars and wait until MWAddon loads.
If you can see the word “Professional” at the top part of the game screen (where MWAddon version appears), you have all features enabled.
Try to get used to wait until the word “Professional” appears, because if you open a tool very fast before the word appears, the Professional features may not be there.

Most of the MWAddon Professional features are located in the Configuration Popup (that opens from the Green Arrow Menu).
By default, all features are disabled, if this is your first time using MWAddon Professional, open Configuration and start enabling all features, and once you’ve done with it then reload the game.


All game publications can be published by Addon and you can configure what publications to publish automatically and what ones to leave there for you to publish manually.
All the tools that consume items that can be requested by a publication will also request it if you have it enabled.
MWAddon works a lot on breaking all the obstacles Facebook gives to the game.
There is a lot of ways to publish your content, either in your Wall or Groups and MWaddon offers you all possibilities.
There are always issues, Facebook changes and other problems, but MWAddon works without stop to give you all the mechanics to keep your gaming safe and working.


MWAddon Professional offers you a nice feature to declare wars as soon as ready, this also works nicely with Auto-Publish, as your wars will be published to get your friends help.
Another nice help for you is that, while you are declaring wars, no one can declare wars to you, so you will not lose more wars.


There is some things in Mafia Wars that requires to be collected every X time, this is a bit problematic because you can not be there all the time to collect it when they are ready to be collected..
With MWAddon Professional, those things will be collected automatically when available, and it also works nicely with Auto-Publish by publishing it to help your friends and yourself.


All properties, refills and Experience that can be collected in game can be also be done automatically by Addon.
Configure wisely how it should be collected playing with the settings conditions.
The conditions are easy to understand once you get used, most of them are there to ensure it collects when necessary.
Some considerations about settings in Collector:
Experience Ratio is the global ratio that you can see over the MWAddon Toolbar’s Experience bar.
Experience to Levelup is the experience left to levelup by percentage (%).


Addon can also help you to activate crew for properties automatically.
Configure it is very easy, just turn ON for the cities you want to activate the crew.


With MWAddon Professional you can also configure Addon to run automatically some tools when it startup.
This is an important feature if your game is doing several reloads.


Save your settings remotely in MWAddon server, and recover easily at anytime from any PC.


Some tools have also special features for MWAddon Professional.
Professional features in tool are normally recognizable because it contains the word (PRO).



Thanks for using MWAddon Professional, enjoy it!