Privacy Policy

By the using of our systems, you accept our Privacy Policy so read careful:

MWAddon requires some information about your Facebook account per example your Likes and Joined Groups.
We only take this information to determinate if you’ve liked our Facebook’s Fan Page and also if you’re joined in our Facebook’s Group.

We use cookies, to identify your computer and give you access to our exclusive content.
Our systems also can log information like your browser or IP address.

We may request from you more information about your account like your name to be used in our Web Page.

We will not request your personal identifiable information like address, or your phone number.

We will store some information about you like your name, gender and language to try to offer you a better experience, this information will be stored in our database to give you a fast access to the content on this server.

None of the information about you will be published or shared, will be privated on our Database and removed if you don’t visit us regulary.